Numata’s Press Release for Kaseya

April 3rd, 2014

For Numata Business IT, established in 2004, a decision to work with Kaseya’s automated managed service solution was simple. Kaseya, the world’s leading provider of this type of solution, fits exactly into the company’s ethos and strategy.

“Companies simply want world-class IT solutions, without the risk of investing in their own departments, and the headaches attached to running it themselves. Having said that, handing over control of your IT operations to an outside company is a big step. Customers need to be able to trust us, and see a demonstrable, concise and measurable difference, before they consider that. Even then it is a tough decision. Numata Business IT does not only manage clients’ technology – essentially, it manages their information, and how effectively that transpires into profit for them. Kaseya makes our job easier, and generally, once a customer sees the scope and functionality, not only technically, but from a business perspective – they experience greater peace-of-mind in making their decision,” says Jakobus Koorts, CEO of Numata Business IT.

Numata offers the modern small-to-medium company a scalable, proactive, total-outsourced and managed IT solution/service, to help them take charge of IT in ways that make more business sense, and delivers the most measurable value, without the risks and headaches of running an in-house IT department.

“This means we partner with our customers, helping them move away from the traditional, reactive, break-fix way of doing IT, to a more intuitive model where IT is not just a cost-centre, but becomes a value-added part of your business strategy. This is why Kaseya fits so well in our business. It allows us to deliver seamlessly on aspects of what we offer our clients,” explains Koorts.

Numata’s core offerings are:

  • Managed IT services for SME
  • IT solutions for SME
  • Procurement – including: hardware as a service (HaaS) and hardware lease options
  • Connectivity for SMEs and corporates through Numata Online

Numata specialises in the SME market segment and its solution and service portfolio is built for companies with between 10 and 250 users on their network.

“Kaseya is simply the best fit when compared to our business model, and how we like to treat our customers. We’re able to bundle solutions, and provide our partners more value than other, modular solutions. The scope it adds to our operations, the flexibility, control, precision and scalability is unprecedented. Functionality is one thing, but the ability to direct and implement it is what makes Kaseya so powerful, all from one glass pane. Kaseya offers it all in one place, with easy handles for management to substantiate the value we deliver to our customers,” says Koorts.

“Running Kaseya in our own business means we become the product to our customers. Using the same product we offer to our customers says a lot about our confidence in the product, and our ability to offer value alongside it. Most of our customers are simply too busy to bother with understanding the product and its endless range of possibilities. But for them, to know that we use it as IT experts, in our own company, gives them the peace of mind needed to sign with us. Kaseya is world-class. In IT, that means a lot to us and our customers. From this, the more tangible and measurable impacts tend to look after themselves.”

Numata is already seeing significant benefits with Kaseya, specifically; total consolidation, simplification, transparency, operational ease and speed are key words. All of this leads to the most important factor for any business – increased profitability.

“Kaseya makes more than technical sense – it makes business sense. Traditionally, IT has always been a cost centre, very difficult to substantiate on the income and balance sheets. Kaseya is changing this, both in our business, and for our customers,” explains Koorts.

“In our sector, hands-on-and-personal makes a huge difference, not only to initial buy-in, but also perceived value after the sale is made. That’s why it always helps if you can get in touch with a real person, from a real company, with a local footprint. It’s a trust issue and Kaseya’s local presence definitely assisted us in making our decision.”