How Do You Know When It’s Time To Switch IT Service Providers?

July 13th, 2020
How Do You Know When It’s Time To Switch IT Service Providers?


The decision of switching IT service providers is often undervalued. But let’s get you informed, getting this decision right shouldn’t be taken lightly. In many scenarios, switching becomes a necessity, rather than just a choice. Neglecting the signs leading you to switch your business’ IT services often cause your business to be paralyzed — a state where things become too costly for it to stay operational.

What got you here, won’t get you there:

We get it — you’ve been relying on Company-X for all your IT needs from the beginning. They’ve been with you since you were starting up, but business is much more than just an emotional connection. Is your business not able to operate efficiently and you’re not sure why? That’s probably because of your “outdated” IT service provider. When you started from nothing, your IT needs weren’t so important as they are now. Sticking with your current IT company isn’t the way to go if you want your business to grow and succeed. It’s advised to outsource your IT department to an advanced and reliable firm that can keep up with your growing business’ IT needs.

It’s common for service providers to show the signs of their incompetency very soon after your contract begins. However, some signs may be less obvious than the others, i.e. it’d be harder to notice and hunt them down. Moreover, if you’re not aware of these signs altogether, things could get messy as you won’t be able to notice your service provider’s incompetency in time, resulting in paralysis. In order to save you from calamities like these, we have compiled a list of signs you must keep an eye on.

    1. Lack of communication:
    Communication is like the ‘magic key’ to solve modern problems. You must be aware of problems before they even hit your throat. If you’re not getting hooked up by your IT company for any upcoming issues or maintenance breaks, it’s a clear sign that you need to get your IT provider sorted out. If you always have to reach out to your IT company on your own, with no prior notification from them, it’s not the company you want to rely on. Furthermore, your provider’s IT support should have a one-stop-shop for all your questions and queries. If you’re always being thrown around to different people and departments when you make a query, they don’t deserve you.

    2. A slow and unreliable network speed:
    The Internet is the doorway that conducts all the major transactions of modern business. As everything has to go through this doorway, one way or the other, it has to be reliable and fast. A slow network can drastically halt your business’ progress. An inefficient and unreliable network can completely destroy the performance of a project by leaving you hopeless when you need it the most. Work and data loss are the most common outcomes of a slow and unreliable network connection. The company that provides your business’ IT services has to be held responsible for the loss — but you can’t do that if you’re the one who chose them in the first place. You don’t have to wait for any major issues, resulting from a slow and unreliable network to happen before you decide to switch your IT company. Necessary measures must be taken beforehand.

    3. Their staff doesn’t speak “your” language:
    Generalized IT service providers are good for day-to-day services and fixes. But, if you’re into growing your business to an extent where it gets recognized as one of the “big” boys — you need something more than a generalized IT company. While providing your business’ IT services, they must be able to understand the industry-specific problems and derive solutions that perfectly align with what you do.

    4. They don’t take responsibility:
    The relationship between the IT service provider and your business is crucial, and both parties must adhere to their fair share of responsibilities. The provider is responsible for explaining any issues that pop up that hinder your performance. Your business, on the contrary, is responsible for acting upon the pieces of advice given by the provider. If any of the two parties don’t do what they’re supposed to do, the relationship could easily collapse. On your end, you must make sure everything and everyone is working according to the advice of the IT company. However, if you’re good on your end, and your service provider doesn’t take the responsibility when a mishap happens — they are incompetent, and must be replaced.

    5. They don’t prioritize security:
    Data and information are arguably the most important asset of a business in the 21st century. You simply can’t afford to risk losing that data to a potential vulnerability. Your business’ IT services must be secured and encrypted all the way. If your IT service provider isn’t taking the best security measures like Cyber Essentials Plus, patch management, zero-trust, and others, it’s probably better for you to part ways.

    6. An ever-growing ticket count:
    A great IT company will never let the number of tickets in their IT support department grow. They’ll deal with every ticket in a fast and efficient manner. If the number of tickets you’ve submitted is ever-growing, with no proper response from them in a timely manner, it’s better for you to take a leap forward and switch your IT service provider.

In case you’re noticing one or more of the above-mentioned signs, don’t halt, take action. Tough but right decisions prove their worth in the long-run. If you decide to switch and outsource your IT department, Numata could be your first and foremost priority for all your IT needs.

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