Why the World is Shifting to Cloud Services

May 17th, 2021
Why the World is Shifting to Cloud Services


The world has changed a great deal since the COVID-19 pandemic first took hold. We each have a selection of face masks as part of our wardrobe; using sanitising stations is part of daily life, and we have become much more familiar with the four walls of our homes. As businesses have moved to more working from home than ever before, there have been several adjustments to the way we approach work. This includes a dramatic upward trend in cloud services adoption.

Cloud consistency

Back in the day, when your on-premises server crashed, it often took down your site and much of the data along with it. But cloud services and cloud storage let you save your data in a virtual space with secure safety nets and ensures that your business is never offline, and your team has access to the resources they need to keep working.

Cloud security is also on the rise. As work from home became work from anywhere, organisations noted greater potentials for breaches as the work environment became less controlled. This led to an overwhelming demand for cybersecurity technologies, from governance to day-to-day security to specialised services. Adopting these technologies has allowed organisations to focus on their core business and ensure their data and their client's data remains secure. If you need help employing these solutions in your own business, contact Numata Cybersecurity.

Cloud confidence

Adapting to the use of cloud services may not have been easy, with even the most tech-savvy of professionals finding it tricky to adjust to the idea of a decentralised office and all that went with it. But “the new normal” has quickly become a way of life.

Since cloud services can address storage needs at a lower cost than that of a physical server, businesses can benefit from budget relief, increased and more frequently updated security measures and access to training, support, and guidance when enlisting the aid of specialist cloud storage providers like Numata.

But not all SMMEs had the necessary skills or in-house IT infrastructure to get everyone up and running with cloud services, and many are still working out how to get the most out of their investments into cloud migration. If you’re looking at your options or considering employing a technology partner to help with this process, download our free e-book on cloud migration for your business.

The move to cloud services may require a few adjustments but can lead to more efficient operations while maintaining customer engagement. The pandemic has presented the opportunity for business leaders to encourage innovation and keep up with the changing world and work environment.