Why business leaders need to care about cybersecurity

July 20th, 2021
Why business leaders need to care about cybersecurity


In our previous series on cybersecurity, we pointed out that one of the best ways for small- and medium-sized businesses to combat cyber threats is to invest in cybersecurity awareness training. This strategy can go a long way in helping employees stay safe and keep a company’s systems from harm, but in order to get buy-in from staff, there needs to be a concerted effort from leaders to actively support this training.

Security awareness training often has to fight for space amidst many other employee training initiatives on offer, not to mention staff still needing to deliver on their primary work. When employees see leaders encouraging them to participate in a particular training initiative, it helps them understand its place in the company’s priorities and can motivate them to invest their limited time in helping to keep the company safe. If they see that it’s important to their leaders, they will take it seriously.

So why should security get the attention?

When business leaders realise the risk to their entire business that is posed by cybersecurity threats, it makes sense to encourage employees to get educated on the importance of engaging securely on the relevant IT platforms.

Secure IT systems are essential for allowing an organisation to continue carrying out its core business. It’s helpful if leaders communicate this clearly so that employees understand why it matters in the context of their other responsibilities.

Proactive cybersecurity awareness training can also be a very cost-effective solution in the long run and is definitely cheaper than having to mop up the fallout from a successful cyber-attack.

The power of case studies

Stories are a powerful mechanism for helping people understand why something is important and to encourage behaviour change. Using case studies of security breaches in similar sectors or business contexts can help staff more easily link the impact of their actions to the implications for their company.

Specific examples and stories are easier to relate to and can help encourage people to use secure behaviours online and when using IT systems.

Invest in the right training

Business leaders can make a significant difference by supporting the cybersecurity training initiatives recommended by their IT department or IT services provider.

Supporting cybersecurity awareness training doesn’t necessarily require leaders to spend extensive time researching the right solutions. IT teams will have valuable insights to offer on the types of awareness training that is most relevant for the company’s context and systems.

If you’d like more help with any cybersecurity initiatives or solutions, Numata has launched a cybersecurity-specific offering to help guide our customers on the best ways to keep safe.

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