IT Support Services for Law Firms

Defend clients with confidence as we relentlessly protect your systems

First-rate technology to prevent unnecessary case distractions

Technology plays a crucial role in the legal services industry. It helps law offices work conveniently and securely through email encryption, case management software, document management processes, time tracking, and more. But, it’s not all good news. These advancements come with security risks, which is why we’ve trained our experts in specialized legal tools, including trial presentation apps. We’ll deal with system vulnerabilities so you can take full advantage of your IT.

Numata’s Legal IT solutions include:

  • Backup and disaster recovery planning to make sure you never lose valuable data
  • Optimized and automated legal transactions to boost productivity
  • Remote access to case files so you can work without location, device, or time constraints
  • Remote monitoring software and advanced security programs to keep private files under lock and key


Eliminate production setbacks with automated and efficient processes
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Deliver shipments on time through a centralized warehouse system
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Protect confidential client data by utilizing robust defenses
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Auditing and Accounting

Stay compliant with standards with help from our expert technicians
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