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Numata Client Hub | Support Platform

Our mandate has always been that you need us as little as possible. But, if you do, the Numata client portal ensures that you will get the resolution that you require, fast!

Here’s a look at the Numata Client Hub and how it benefits your organisation


  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Greater control over your technology investments
  • Enhanced security
  • Access to integrated, industry-leading content
  • Convenient remote access lets you log in from anywhere


Centralised: The Only Portal You’ll Ever Need

The hub brings your company information, managed IT services, IT operations and account information together.

  • Cloud Applications Menu

    Access approved company applications and add your own selection of cloud-based linked apps.

  • Knowledge Base and Training

    Access specialised training content tailored to your company needs, including Numata-approved courses on various topics. For example, cybersecurity and MS Office “How-to” course.

  • Consolidated Company Information

    Access a complete company directory as synced from your Office 365 profile information. View shared company Office 365 calendars and company messages sent in a daily digest. Personnel can easily access department-specific applications.

  • Consolidated Service Hub

    The layout allows quick and easy access to services and pinned items.

  • Ticket logging and troubleshooting

    Manage, refer, and update support tickets directly from the portal. A service request catalogue simplifies service request logging. Built-in prompts when logging a query enables lighting-fast resolution. Company admins can access an overview of all tickets.

  • Receive Numata Subscribed-Based Content

    Stay up to date with a live list of new features and upcoming changes to Office 365 applications. Review the status of Office 365 services using online Office services.

  • Policy Monitoring and Compliance

    Take an integrated approach to managing corporate governance and legislative compliance. The portal provides a holistic view of your IT and organisational operations in line with your internal and imposed compliance policies. So you can enforce legal compliance that works with, and not against, your business operations.

View our Client Hub security compliance here.

Numata Client Hub blog

Numata Client Hub | Support Platform

We’re pleased to introduce our all-new support platform, where you (our valued clients) will find absolutely everything IT in one convenient place. Our success is tied to the reliability of our services.

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