Cloud Services

Enhance your business operations with Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Office 365

Reap the benefits of working with cloud-powered platforms

Why work with expensive traditional server infrastructure solutions when you can do more for less with an efficient and scalable cloud computing platform? At Numata Business IT, we’ll help leverage the benefits of the cloud to your business’s advantage. With our cloud platform, you can scale your technology as well as add or remove resources when required while optimising your existing IT infrastructure.

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With Cloud Services from Numata Business IT, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce capital expenses and ongoing costs – Cloud services eliminate the upfront expense of setting up and managing on-site server infrastructures
  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery – With service level agreements (SLAs), you reduce costs and ensure access to vital data and applications when disaster strikes
  • Respond quickly to shifting business conditions – Cloud services enable you to quickly scale up resources to accommodate spikes in demand
  • Focus on your core business – Cloud services free up your team to focus on your organisation’s core business rather than on IT infrastructure

Managed IT Services

Work with a full IT department that manages and supports your technology 24/7 for a flat monthly fee.

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Outsourced NOC Services

Easily scale your existing IT resources without breaking the bank on additional resources.

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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Prevent your business from succumbing to cyber threats with a solution that delivers optimal security and minimal business disruptions.

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Professional Services

Complete your IT projects on-time and within budget with our team of experienced project managers.

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Acclaimed IT support from a trustworthy team

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