Cloud Backup

A more capable, cost-efficient backup solution

Protect your data in the Cloud

Numata’s Cloud Backup solution is powered by award-winning technology from a global pioneer in secure cloud backups. Since 2001, this technology has protected millions of employees, businesses and livelihoods -- truly earning the trust that has been placed in it.

Our plan offers a complete backup solution -- not just a piecemeal plan -- including unlimited backup of PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. This solution runs silently in the background and never caps the size of the files you’re backing up.

Instead of saving over older versions of files, the Numata solution backs up each new file version independently, giving you access to every version of a document’s history. From server backups to iPhone data, you have secure access to your encrypted data and daily reports from mobile applications.

It’s an essential Great value for money

The benefits of subscribing to our Cloud Backup programme:

  • More secure and safe than onsite backups
  • Access to your data from anywhere
  • Built-in disaster recovery functionality
  • Daily reports and audits that ensure everything is working as it’s supposed to
  • No need to worry about maintenance of hardware and software infrastructure

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