Advanced Email Protection

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A self-learning e-mail security platform to stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today

Advanced Malware/ URL Protection

Identify, flag and respond to malware and URL threats at scale

AI-Powered Incident Response

Reduce manual email analysis and response by orders of magnitude (up to 90%)

Virtual Security Analyst/ Autonomous Incident Responder

Get AI-Powered machine learning to help humans do more with automated threat remediation

Mailbox-Level Anomaly Detection

Make smarter and faster decisions regarding suspicious emails already in users’ mailboxes

Democratized Real-Time Threat Detection

Crowdsource the best threat analysis and detection from world’s leading security teams

Gamified, Personalised Simulation and Training

Access customized micro-learning to help employees think and act like security analysts

Most anti-phishing tools fall short because they:

What IRONSCALES can provide: