Why Numata

About us

Since 2004, Numata Business IT has focused on a results-driven approach to helping small and medium-sized enterprises across the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa make the most of their technology investments. What’s so different about our approach, and what makes us the ideal IT partner for you?

With over 300+ years of combined experience, our team of experts are positioned to provide you with business-aligned technology solutions and services. We have perfected the ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions and 10+ years in our communities to provide you with total peace of mind.



Moore Stephens FRRS

Here’s why our clients choose Numata:

  • We’re rated one of the Top 500 IT Service Providers in the world
  • We resolve more than 30,000 incidents per year
  • Our team has prevented more than 12,000 incidents from occurring
  • We maintain a client satisfaction rating of over 95%...
  • And client retention of 96%
  • Numata’s strategically placed offices provide service to clients across all over the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

Why choose Numata?

When you partner with us as your outsourced IT provider, you gain access to a trustworthy and capable team tasked with developing tailor-made solutions and support services that meet your organisation’s needs.

Our fixed monthly subscription removes the uncertainty that often surrounds budgeting for your IT support. Numata’s cost-effective managed IT, cloud and cybersecurity services and solutions will ensure you get a maximum return on your technology investment.

Best of all, your monthly service fee is calculated based on how many devices we support. It doesn’t matter whether you make one support call or a dozen, the cost remains the same. This model holds us accountable to our promise of better IT support and planning. When our team does a superb job, you make fewer support calls, and everyone is more profitable.

Furthermore, Numata makes switching providers a seamless process. If you’re unhappy with your current provider, we will work to move you over with no hassles and zero interruption of service.

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Our Ideals

The Numata vision is simple: Results-driven IT for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

We have the capacity, knowledge and skills to remain one of the strongest and most knowledgeable managed services businesses in the world. But what we want more than anything is for our customers to sing our praises, to trust us, and to have long, loyal and honest relationships with us.