6 October 2020: New relationships, rewards and referrals, and real IT advice for your SME

October 30th, 2020

Hi there,

At Numata, there’s nothing we love more than a satisfied client… except being able to reward that satisfied client. Our rewards programme is designed to do just that. From personal vouchers to spoil yourself with, to technology your business needs or the chance to feed an underprivileged child, we’ve put a lot of thought into our referral offerings.

If you’re happy with Numata’s services or if you know of a business looking to change IT service providers, let’s turn it into a win for everyone. Find out more here.

Now, on to the news: we’ve got a new strategic partnership to announce, tips on extending your laptop’s battery life, trends in digital innovation and a look into cloud automation.

We hope you find it useful!