Managed IT services in Bristol and South West England, as well as throughout the UK.

Numata Business IT’s Bristol office offers fully managed IT services or co-managed IT services, focusing specifically on SMEs.


Leading Global IT Support Service Provider

We aim to help fast-growing local SMEs in Bristol and surround to reach their business goals through our award-winning managed IT services. We’ll help you to transform your IT operations, ensuring your technology becomes a competitive advantage, and keeping you ahead of industry trends.

We offer the full spectrum of IT solutions, from cloud services to data security, including:

  • IT governance and compliance, tailored for your business
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT risk management
  • Complete IT operations
  • Full IT management or IT co-management (depending on your needs)
  • Complete IT procurement, from sourcing to installation, maintenance and renewals
  • IT strategy
  • IT advisory services

Numata will do a complete analysis of your business, from your challenges to your goals and current IT setup, and then recommend exactly how we can help you to run lean, agile operations. Plus, we’ll manage all technology solutions for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

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We’re one of the world’s Top 500 IT Service Providers. Partner with us in your Bristol-based business, and we’ll use our wealth of IT consulting expertise to set you up for success.

Let us take care of everything IT for you.

Find the best IT Solution for your business

Unburden, augment and empower your internal IT department

  • I need to have a flexible cost centre for IT
  • My IT department is underperforming
  • My IT resources can’t find or retain the specialised IT
    skills that we need
  • My team is focused on end-user desktop support
    instead of strategic, core projects
  • I need augmentation while my IT resources restructure.

Transform My It Department

Outsource your entire IT department function under one expert roof

  • Frustrating technology is taking too much of my time
  • My business needs a scalable, affordable IT solution
  • My current IT provider is not reliable
  • I’m looking for a business partner that can maximise my bottom-line growth

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Why Choose Us?

Numata Business IT offers world-class IT services to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the United Kingdom. We operate offices in five locations, including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol. We’re also rated one of the world’s Top 500 IT Service Providers due to our quick response to IT problems, stellar customer service, and cost-effective solutions.

We’re not rated under the world’s Top 500 IT Service Providers for nothing


André Naudé | Chief Commercial Officer | Indgro Multi Services Group

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Numata Bristol Office

  • Ground floor, Redwood House, Brotherswood Court
    Almondsbury Business Park

    Bristol , BS32 4QW
    United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 20 3890 5455
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