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Co-Managed IT

Unburden, augment and empower your internal IT department.
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Expert On-Demand IT Skills and Tools as-a-Service

Our co-managed IT service suite supplements your existing IT resources affordably and on-demand.

As with all Numata services, our solution is transparent and straightforward. You’ll get everything you need, and nothing superfluous—lowering costs and risks.

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Wherever your resources need reinforcement

Consider this a top-up where your team needs it the most — from executive direction and eagle-eyed oversight, to project implementation and automation. We supply expertise and tools tailored to your business based on thorough analysis.


All the benefits of an enhanced internal IT department, none of the pitfalls. We provide automated IT capabilities to unburden, augment, and empower internal IT departments of any size, without the drawbacks.

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With Numata co-managed IT services, you will avoid:

We deliver value from minute one; your first consultation is free.

Tell us about your internal IT department challenges and gain expert advice on the house.

Free eBook: IT Department Blueprint

Do you feel like your internal IT Department is letting you down? This eBook outlines what to expect from a typical IT Department, aligning business goals with IT in general.
IT Department Blueprint eBook

Numata’s co-managed IT services assist existing IT departments with greater agility while lowering a company’s total spend on IT.

The co-managed service model is designed to provide organisations access to a range of specialised IT skillsets that support, supplement, or fulfil IT roles and functions fast and affordably.

We spend time reviewing and analysing your existing IT department and resources. The evaluation allows us to formulate a unique strategy that will provide you with enhanced capabilities while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Our affordable, fixed monthly fee gives your IT department all the tools, systems, processes, and unlimited access to an on-demand skills pool.

Overworked, inexperienced, or just too small — there are many reasons why in-house IT teams fall short on their KPIs. We aim to eliminate problem areas, largely through supplying automated IT capabilities.

Our month-to-month, opt-out any time solution includes:

  • Secure monitoring and management. Why maintain your own monitoring tools and systems when you can access one that’s optimised and managed?
  • A co-managed service desk platform and end-user portal,
  • with automated workflows and intelligent escalation.
  • Secure knowledge base platform
  • with enhanced security and change management.
  • Additional support resources and capabilities. No minimum commitment, overhead or risk.
  • Cybersecurity tools, services and reviews that protect your workforce, network and bottom line.
  • Expert technology advisors, strategists, project managers and certified professionals—all available on-demand.
  • Has difficulty finding and retaining in-house specialist skillsets
  • Is underperforming
  • Is undergoing restructuring and requires augmentation
  • Forms part of strategic projects that add or maintain competitive advantage, and thus need to shed the end-user support component to streamline focus
  • Has budget constraints, but is still required to deliver exceptional support and security to their organisation

Or when your business:

  • Needs to unlock the potential of existing resources, but can’t without adding headcount
  • Is looking at building a flexible cost base for IT to ensure minimal upfront investment with maximum return
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No in-house IT? Want to outsource all non-core functions?

Try complete managed IT services

Outsource your company’s entire IT department function under one, expert, roof. Our managed IT support service allows you to focus on your core business while significantly reducing costs and risks.

We want to help

If you would like to discuss the challenges of your internal IT department with experts who truly understand, we are here to help. Our process is straightforward and transparent and we will be able to provide you with expert advice during our first consultation session — on the house.

Think Co-Managed IT Services is a perfect fit for your business?

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