Numata’s Free Cybersecurity Assessment to Measure Employee Awareness

June 7th, 2022

London, United Kingdom - 7 June 2022: Numata, a provider of managed services and cybersecurity to organisations across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa has launched a free employee cybersecurity baseline assessment. This will help organisations see where their employees sit in general cybersecurity knowledge.

“Most businesses – particularly in our target market, which is small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) – are not aware that their biggest cybersecurity risk is their own people,” says Jakobus Koorts, CEO of Numata. “In fact, 90% of breaches are caused by human error. The Numata Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment is designed to identify baseline employee cybersecurity awareness so organisations can see where they need to improve. For example, leaders need to know if their teams are likely to click on phishing links, so they can work to prevent that happening.”

The Numata Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment comprises a series of questions across six different cybersecurity categories that highlight employee vulnerabilities. Upon completion, each employee is assigned a score that represents their risk level to their company’s cybersecurity.

“This allows businesses to understand where their staff excel and where they could use some in-depth training to help protect their business, people and assets,” says Numata Cybersecurity Customer Success Coordinator, Alexis Daubermann. “We believe it’s a great first step that businesses can take in ‘benchmarking’ their cyber risk. It’s easy to think you’re safe if you’ve never tested that theory. This allows you to get an idea of where you and your employees stand, which will either set your mind at ease or allow you to develop a plan to address any issues highlighted.”

The Numata Baseline Employee Cybersecurity Assessment is delivered via a URL, so there’s no need to add users to a portal to complete the assessment. A wide breadth of topics covers key cybersecurity areas. The results provide insight at the individual level, so you can strengthen the areas that are weak, and utilize where they are strong as you build your cybersecurity posture. Interested businesses can find out more on the Numata website.

About Numata Business IT

Established in 2004, Numata is a managed IT services and security provider, serving fast-growing, mature SMEs through our global footprint throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and South Africa. Numata is ideally positioned to deliver results-driven IT and cybersecurity services and solutions to various sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, logistics, retail, legal and accounting. With a combined experience of over 400+ years, Numata’s flagship outsourced IT department has helped hundreds of clients transform their businesses over the last 18 years by aligning IT to business strategy, ensuring sustainable growth and ultimately, becoming trusted advisors to clients by delivering executive advisory services that yield results.

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