Remote Workforce Enablement

The Employer’s Remote Workforce Guide

The country is in lockdown, but productivity (and, where possible, revenue generation) doesn’t have to stop.

This quick-reference guide is designed to help you get the employees with the capability to work from home working without delay.

Enabling a Remote Workforce

Identify critical roles (Those that must continue)

  • Check which functions can be fulfilled via the cloud (private or public).
  • Identify how to convert those that are not to cloud readiness.

Identify which non-critical roles can be fulfilled online

  • Prioritise these roles and decide whether you need all of them to continue.

Create deliverables for all work-from-home roles

  • Create shared expectations between you and your employees. It’s better to define which tasks must be accomplished rather than relying on “do as much as you can in 8 hours”. Children, pets, ambient noises make working from home challenging. Setting deliverables means that your organisation gets what it needs, whether it takes your employee 3 hours or 15.
  • Use current KPIs as a guideline. Some KPIs may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Identify and order hardware and software required

  • Some employees may need laptops, LTE or other connectivity devices, for example.
  • You may need additional software licences for an increased number of users for specific apps.

Set up regular team meetings and feedback procedures

  • Communication and collaboration are vital to successful distributed teamwork.
  • Choose your meeting platform, e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts.
  • Designate a time and general talking points to give the meetings some structure.
  • Define how feedback should work (e.g. emails; Instant message notifications, etc.) and the frequency you require (e.g. as completed or end-of-day summary).

Have everyone test that their connectivity works and that they can access everything

Triple check cybersecurity

  • Tighten network security in light of the remote access required
  • Secure all endpoint with the latest anti-virus software
  • Roll out additional staff training to ensure all personnel are hyper-vigilant, especially because cybercriminals feast on opportunities such as these.

Ease the tension!

  • Acknowledge and affirm your team.

Adjusting to change, and the uncertainty around Covid-19 has us all tightly wound. Create ways for the team to celebrate successes, give the nod to good work, and support each other during this time.

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