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We are business technology strategists that understands small to medium-sized businesses, better than most.
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Welcome to Numata, Business Technology Strategists for SMEs™.

Numata was founded on values, and we are driven by our purpose to help people. We also just happen to share a passion for technology and business, which is why we built a global business that is purely focused on making world-class technology strategy, advice and services accessible to small and medium-sized businesses in such a way, that it aligns with their business strategy, enabling them to use technology to unlock their full potential.
We believe it all starts with strategy.
Starting each of our client engagements with a deep understanding of their unique business strategy, allows us to build a technology strategy that aligns and supports their goals.
What makes us unique, is that we understand small to medium sized businesses, better than most IT service providers. After all, we’ve managed to build Numata from the ground-up since 2004. We get it.
Nothing inspires us more than enabling our clients to use technology to make them more successful. From our early beginning in 2004, we have been constantly evolving with our clients to provide small to medium sized business with access to enterprise-grade IT that is designed to solve their business problems, manage their technology risk and to ensure their employees are supported, protected and productive wherever they are.
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We exist because we love helping people and we believe that technology can and should be used make businesses more successful. We are here to help them do it.

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Our mission is to make world-class technology strategy, advice, and services available to small and medium businesses in such a way, that it aligns with their business strategy, enabling them to unlock their full potential.

Why choose Numata?

We are passionate about positioning business and technology to enable SMEs to thrive. Our motivation has remained consistent since Numata was formed in 2004: to give SMEs access to world-class technology strategy, advice and services to solve business problems, manage technology risk, and ensure employees are supported, protected, and productive – wherever they are.




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Why would Numata choose you?

We’re not for everyone and everyone’s not for us.
Our reputation and track record speaks for itself, but we couldn’t have made any of this happen, without the right partners. We believe in finding the right clients and wouldn’t just take you on as a client if we don’t feel absolutely 100% certain that we will be able to provide you with the value your business deserves.
We look for clients with a culture that we can associate with, we look for our values in clients and we believe that a relationship is built on trust and respect – this should go both ways. By always doing the right thing and providing honest advice to our clients, Numata rarely loses a client.
In fact, we are so confident of our service and our ability to match our culture with yours, we got rid of long-term contracts. If you ever feel you are not receiving the value you should, you simply let us know and we’ll offboard you to a new provider of your choice, no hostage situations, no hard feelings.
We want you to be happy and we want to deal with clients that we can make happy.
We help you because we want to, not because we get paid to – that’s why it is so important to us that we are confident that we will delight you as a client. If you don’t consider us as a business partner after the first few months of engaging with us, we’re probably not the right fit for you.
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Want to switch from your current partner? Numata can help you make the switch without any disruption.
Download our SME Survival Guide to Changing IT Providers eBook to learn more about the switching process.

Our guiding values

At Numata, everything we do is guided by our core values and beliefs,
which are the cornerstones of how we operate and make decisions.
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We believe our core values, and what’s important to us are described by our integrity as humans, colleagues, and business partners. It’s about doing the right things the right way.

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To us, honesty means doing what needs to be done with others’ best interests at heart.

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We give people the benefit of the doubt and the chance to voice their interests and concerns without judgement, discrimination, or agenda.

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Generating trust

We develop trust by continuously demonstrating our reliability and positive commitment through action.

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Our pride grows from caring about expectations of ourselves and others, demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment, and considering what needs to be done.

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Being responsible means demonstrating awareness and care for those around you – especially our clients.

ic s7 Keeping promises

Keeping promises

It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver than vice versa. Take accountability for your work and be transparent about your capabilities.

ic s7 Helping others

Helping others

We all share a passion for helping others and actively seek ways to help those around us. The quality of helpfulness boils down to responding promptly and doing everything you can to accommodate those in need.

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The Origin Story of Numata

When we started Numata in 2004, we didn’t really have a vision, or a strategy. To be honest, we didn’t really have much of anything. About the only thing we had, was a drive to do something great, a small office at the back of a house and a belief that we might just be able to build something great if we worked hard.
We started off by selling computer equipment to family and friends and soon started receiving calls from our “clients” to help them with technical support. It felt great that people trusted us and that they could depend on us. And we could see that they really appreciated the help and advice we gave them. We became proud of the work we did and of the impact we were able to have and naturally, we just started doing more of this. Before we knew it, the word got out that we were trustworthy, dependable, and honest – and good at fixing computers.

Not long after we opened our doors, a few local small businesses heard of the work we were doing and asked if we could help them too.

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Our clients started sharing some of the business problems they were having, hoping we’ll have a solution to their problems. And because we love helping people, we couldn’t let them down. So, we worked really hard to find solutions to solve their problems.
By solving problems for our clients, we gained valuable experience and started to realise that many of our clients were facing similar problems in their businesses.
And that’s when it all came together. That was our “a-ha” moment where we discovered our why.
We love helping people, we love solving business problems and we love technology. We finally found our why, which seemed too good to be true. Being able to do what we love and doing it for people that really needed our help.
We discovered a whole new world of people that needed help for their businesses. These people were hard working people that usually built good businesses, had good values and just needed someone like-minded that they could trust.
Numata started growing and we did so by slowly and carefully attracting people that shared the same purpose and values as the original founders. People that wanted to help others.
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Over the years, we have seen many changes in the business landscape and the exciting challenges that growth brings. We have gained valuable experience in business and technology and today, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only understand the challenges that our clients face, but that we are able to anticipate future problems and design technology strategies that will truly help them to be more successful.
We were fortunate enough to build a business through which we can live our purpose and we want to provide others that share the same purpose and values, with an opportunity to be part of something greater than themselves. To make a difference. To become a trustworthy partner to people who need our help. This is how Numata was founded on values and is driven by purpose.
Today, Numata is a global business with a physical presence in South Africa, Ireland and the United Kingdom. We have helped hundreds of businesses since 2004, employing some of the brightest individuals who share our passion for helping people and they get to do just that, by designing, implementing, and managing technology strategies that make our clients more successful.
Our hope is that every business we help, will become a better business, that the people we help, will experience the Numata values during every interaction, that they will be able to see that we are motivated and driven by the reward we receive by serving others. It might even inspire them to do the same. And every person that we inspire, will make the world a better place.  
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