M&A Carve-Out Services

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Mergers and acquisitions are challenging for many reasons. IT should not be one of them.

Whether you are representing a buyer or a seller, Numata’s experience with mergers and acquisitions, offer clients a holistic approach to ensure the technology workstream, is taken care of.

Numata’s approach to technology carve-out projects is to provide a comprehensive end-to-end service offering, providing several key elements required to plan and execute a successful project.

We offer clients an option to engage with us as a trusted technology partner on entire projects, or specific key areas.

The service portfolio is designed to cater for pre-signing, pre-closing, transition, and post-cutting stages, with the ability for the seller or the buyer to engage with Numata during any of the stages.

There are, ultimately, three different strategies for IT during a merger or acquisition:


IT remains managed / hosted by the parent company


IT of the acquiring company is used


IT is built from scratch

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M&A Carve-Out Expertise

Expert IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in mergers and acquisitions

Embarking on a divestiture journey? At Numata, we specialise in providing tailored IT carve-out services for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) undergoing mergers and acquisitions. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to focus on your business objectives while we handle the intricacies of IT carve-outs.
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Our IT Carve-Out Services

Strategic planning and assessment

Before initiating a divestiture, a well-defined strategy is crucial. Our seasoned IT professionals work closely with your teams to assess your current IT landscape, identifying assets to be divested and developing a strategic plan for the carve-out process.

Data segmentation and migration

Separating data efficiently is a delicate process. We specialise in data segmentation and migration, ensuring that your business-critical information is cleanly divided, preserving data integrity and security throughout the carve-out process.

Infrastructure separation

Carving out IT infrastructure can be complex, involving the separation of networks, systems, and applications. Our experts meticulously plan and execute the separation process, minimising disruptions and ensuring the continued functionality of your IT environment.

Security and compliance assurance

Data security and compliance remain paramount during divestitures. Our IT carve-out services include thorough security audits, ensuring that sensitive information is protected, and your business remains in compliance with industry regulations.

Transition support

Transitions can be challenging for teams. We offer comprehensive support during the carve-out process, providing training, communication tools, and ongoing assistance to help your staff navigate the changes seamlessly.

Why Choose Numata for carve-out services?

Streamline your carve-out process with Numata

Ready to navigate the complexities of IT carve-outs with confidence? Contact us today to discuss how our specialised IT services can facilitate a smooth and efficient carve-out process for your trasnaction. Let us be your trusted partner in optimising the divestiture journey for your business success.

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