Endpoint Detection and Response

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Security used to be straightforward for most businesses. You’d install anti-virus (AV) software, educate employees on avoiding suspicious links, and keep all software and websites updated. While this may still suffice for a few low-risk companies, the majority of small to midsize businesses now face more sophisticated threats that can bypass traditional AV measures.

Our comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services, powered by SentinelOne, provide robust protection tailored specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

Why Choose Numata’s EDR

Advanced threat detection and response

Our service is built on cutting-edge SentinelOne technology and employs AI-driven behavioural analysis to detect and neutralise both known and unknown threats in real-time. Through continuously monitoring and analysis of endpoint activities, our EDR solution provides unparalleled threat visibility, ensuring rapid response and mitigation.

Autonomous endpoint protection

Benefit from autonomous endpoint protection that goes beyond traditional antivirus solutions. SentinelOne’s EDR doesn’t rely on signature-based detection alone; it adapts to evolving threats, offering proactive defence against the latest malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.

Efficient incident response

Leverage streamlined incident response capabilities with our EDR solution. Quickly investigate and address security incidents using the platform’s user-friendly interface, reducing response times and minimising potential damages.

Endpoint visibility and control

Gain detailed visibility into endpoint activities and exercise control over your digital environment. SentinelOne’s EDR allows you to monitor user behaviour, pinpoint potential vulnerabilities, and enforce security protocols, establishing a robust defence against cyber threats.

Key Capabilities of Endpoint Detection and Response





Numata EDR services helps your business prevent, detect, and respond to ever-changing threats and recover quickly when ransomware or other exploits strike. Remediation and rollback can reverse the effects of an attack and restore endpoints to their pre-attack healthy state to minimise customer downtime.

Numata Endpoint Detection and Response Anti-Virus Solutions
Gain freedom from ransomware by rolling back devices to their pre-infection state. Can’t roll back to a pre-infection state, increasing your ransomware risks.
Use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and prevent both current and emerging threats, with continual updates to the platform. Use signatures to identify threats, meaning capabilities lag cyber-attackers’ latest strategies.
Configure automated system remediation for fast threat incident response. Manually gather information/
investigate the health of the endpoint and remediate any misconfigurations or unwanted system changes.
Monitor processes before, during, and after execution, to prevent new threats from slipping in. Fly blind during execution, creating an entry point for new threats from savvy attackers.
Monitor your systems in real-time. Rely on daily or weekly scans, increasing your risks.
Keeps device performance fast with continual monitoring. Can slow down your device performance with long scans.

Protect Your Business Today

Don’t wait until a cyber threat disrupts your operations. Our EDR services are designed to provide robust and proactive protection for your small to medium-sized business.