Vulnerability Scanning

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What is Numata Vulnerability Management as a Service?
While technology has led to positive advancements, it has also sparked a surge in cyberthreats. Numata Vulnerability Management detects and prioritises security flaws in your systems.

Gain visibility into vulnerabilities, assess their impact, and take necessary actions to proactively reduce security breaches by addressing potential weaknesses.

Numata Vulnerability Management helps businesses to:

Detect and prioritise security vulnerabilities

Gain full visibility into the potential vulnerabilities

Minimise the likelihood and impact of security breaches

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We will help you identify:

Several issues arise when you don’t have visibility into your IT network health. Eliminate access control problems, unpatched systems and unchecked vulnerabilities that can be exploited by internal or external threat actors.

Why do you need Vulnerability Management as-a-Service?

5 Key benefits of Vulnerability Management

Identify your risk profile

Discover and protect assets

Reduce security spending

Gain actionable analytics

Ensure compliance

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