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Advanced Email Protection for Your Business

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Defending your business beyond secure email gateways

In the evolving landscape of cyber threats, small and medium-sized businesses need advanced email protection that goes beyond traditional Secure Email Gateways. Our specialised services provide comprehensive protection against sophisticated attacks, with a focus on threats like Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Account Takeover.

We leverage cutting-edge technology, including IRONSCALES™, the leading enterprise email security software that combines the power of AI and human insights.

IRONSCALES™ is an Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) platform designed to offer a holistic solution for enterprise email security.

Here’s how it empowers your business

Guarding against Business Email Compromise

Real-time prevention of email spoofing, impersonation, and non-signature-based BEC attacks. Our innovative “fingerprint” technology scrutinises every employee’s inbox for anomalies, providing an extra layer of defense against sophisticated threats.

Defending against zero-day malware and phishing websites

Safeguard your organisation from zero-day malware, credential theft, and phishing websites with real-time protection. Our solution integrates multi-antivirus engines, visual anomaly detection, and sandbox technologies to ensure a robust defense against evolving threats.

Account Takeover Protection

Our system analyses content and communication patterns to detect and prevent even the most sophisticated account takeover attempts. By understanding user behaviour nuances, we provide proactive defense against unauthorised access.

Phishing simulation and security awareness training

Empower your employees with personalised awareness training and simulate real-world phishing attacks to enhance their ability to identify and thwart threats. Transform your workforce into a line of defense by instilling a security analyst mindset.

Prevent image-based attacks

With a significant surge in image-based phishing attacks, we utilise multi-modal Machine Learning (ML) and adaptive AI to counter sophisticated threats, including QR code attacks. Our advanced defenses keep your business protected against evolving phishing tactics.

AI-powered SOC automation

Integrate the power of AI with our Automated Incident Response, streamlining your Security Operations Center (SOC) operations. This automation enhances your email security workflow, automates remediation, and significantly reduces response time to reported emails.

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Elevate your email security with our advanced protection services. Safeguard your business against evolving cyber threats and uphold the security and resilience of your email communications.

Most anti-phishing tools fall short because they:

Numata’s Solution Powered by Ironscales Offers: