Life at Numata

Inclusivity, support, and upliftment at our core
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Any business can boast a great culture, but it’s the actual experience that matters.
At Numata, employees feel they can be themselves. We are close-knit, caring, supportive, and welcoming to individuals from all walks of life. Open communication, upliftment, and collaboration enable us to encourage personal and professional development and growth in the company.
And if you find yourself in a sticky situation? You have a hands-on IT support system a few steps (or clicks) away.
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Our culture

At Numata, culture is engrained into our business strategy and is the foundation from which we operate.

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Our story

We simplify and support technology to help SMEs grow their businesses and achieve success.

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Numata was founded on values and is driven by purpose. We attribute our success to the minds working tirelessly to reach our and their goals.

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Where integrity, honesty, respect, generating trust, pride, responsibility, keeping promises, and helping others are at our core.

What is Numata?

We’re Business Technology Strategists for SMEs – we are a technology service provider that is determined to solve business problems for small to medium sized businesses with the help of technology services and solutions that we design and deliver. We’re on a mission to make businesses more successful and to show them how technology can bring their strategies alive, transform their businesses and ultimately, make a positive difference to everyone that engages with us.
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We’re Different

We’re great for people that get us and the way we do things – this means, we’re definitely not for everyone and everyone’s not for us. There’s a couple of things that make us different from other companies, and our way of thinking about life and what’s important, explains it best. We believe that nothing that holds real value can ever be bought. We believe in our core values and in our incredible privilege of being able to create our own little universe, inside Numata, where we get to decide how things should and shouldn’t work. We don’t follow the world, instead, we’ve created our own.

We believe in trusting the good in people, and we enjoy seeing people succeed. We love being part of our people’s life journeys and contributing to their professional and personal lives. We believe in doing good and that one of the biggest rewards, is that feeling you get when you are able to serve others. It makes us feel good and it makes us feel valued. Numata is a vehicle for people that want to serve others, want to make a difference and want to feel part of something bigger than themselves. If you get this, then you’ll probably get us.

We’re A Small Team

We don’t have a growth target for our team size at Numata. In fact, we have a growth cap. This ensures that we focus on attracting, developing and retaining some of the world’s top talent. With a diverse, global team from various backgrounds, we come together through a set of shared values – something we are very proud of and we work hard to protect. This also means that we’ve got high standards, probably higher than most other businesses that you have worked for. Even though we’re a small team, we have big aspirations and dreams, just have a look at what we’ve managed to accomplish since 2004!
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What it’s like working at Numata

We know how important our people are and we continuously invest in them. From learning and development to mental health initiatives, we believe that our people come first, which is why taking care of Numata people, is our top priority.

What our people say about us

Service Desk Manager

At Numata, I’ve found more than a career – I’ve discovered a journey of personal and professional development. The company’s unique culture, rooted in core values that echo my own, fuels our daily pursuit of excellence. Numata isn’t just a workplace; it’s a shared commitment to innovation, growth, and the relentless pursuit of success.

Microsoft Digital Transformation Specialist

At Numata, excellence isn’t just a commitment to our clients; it’s a way of life within our organisation. We embrace the mentality of putting others first, a value that guides every aspect of our work. Our dedicated team prioritises our customers, consistently making decisions that benefit their businesses and clients.
Having had the privilege of working with various organisations in the past, I can say that Numata feels like home. Our team’s culture and values places a strong emphasis on health and well-being, with daily acts of support and encouragement becoming second nature. We are passionate about our collective growth and our ability to make a lasting difference, both in the workplace and in the lives of our colleagues.

Client Experience Manager

The essence of Numata is radical, unlike any other work environment you will ever come across. I can truly say that being part of the Numata Family has a deep impact on my life on a daily basis. Saying “Numata Family” comes naturally, because this is family and in this family we love hard, work hard, get frustrated, give and receive support, laugh, dream, push boundaries, all while being part of growing this integral business. You don’t need to fit in at Numata; you simply belong, because I can guarantee you were hired more for who you ARE than what you can do. It is inevitable that you will grow beyond your wildest dreams being planted in a culture like this.

Client Experience Team Leader

I wanted to take a moment to share with you the incredible essence of life here at Numata. It’s a place where every day is a new adventure, and our team embodies the spirit of excellence with smiles on our faces. At Numata, we’re not just colleagues; we’re a family united by a shared vision and boundless enthusiasm. Our workspace is a dynamic hub of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, where ideas flow freely, and inspiration is a constant companion.
Life at Numata is a whirlwind of positivity, learning, and collaboration. Our vibrant culture is the driving force behind our accomplishments.
So in essence … Numata is the place I call home.
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Design your own job description

We’re always looking for talented people to join our business. Sometimes, that means we might not have a vacancy that really speaks to you. That’s why we provide talented people who really want to join our team, with the ability to let us know what they think they could be doing at Numata and why we would be interested in creating a place for them. If that’s something you would like to do, let us know and we promise to give your idea serious consideration.