Managed Security Operations Centre as a Service

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What is Numata SOC as a Service?

The challenges for organisations dealing with cybersecurity are two-fold:

Numata’s Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) removes these barriers by offering a 24/7 service that includes a platform for protecting on and off-network devices, all through a monthly per-user subscription model.

Many businesses rely on multiple security tools to carry out specific detection and prevention tasks. These tools generate vast amounts of data. Numata’s Managed SOC seamlessly integrates with your existing security stack, sorts through threat data, and escalates actionable threats that require immediate attention as a security incident along with a solution.

Managed SOC for Endpoint Monitoring

Managed SOC for cloud monitoring

Managed SOC for network monitoring

Numata’s Managed SOC benefits

Our Managed SOC service is backed by an elite team of security veterans and experts dedicated to proactively hunting and investigating threats across all three attack pillars. Here’s what sets us apart:

Why do you need Numata SOC as-a-Service?

In recent years 3 out of every 4 businesses have been impacted by stealthy, often well-funded, highly skilled cyber-criminals who evade security defences — like traditional anti-virus and anti-malware — to gain unauthorized access to a network, frequently remaining undetected for an extended period.
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Want to avoid attack?

Numata’s Managed SOC offers integrated threat intelligence to provide 24/7 threat monitoring, protecting all your endpoints, networks and cloud data.

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