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Your corporate Intranet provisioned and configured, your editors trained, and your content loaded. Everything you need in one simple solution.

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Why do I need an Intranet?

With the explosion in communication and information we have all experienced over the past few years, finding a better way to communicate, engage, and share with staff across the company can truly transform your business.

The key is to help your staff find the information they need to carry out their roles, as quickly and easily as possible – whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever.

This is where our Intranet-in-a-Box can help in so many ways. It is simply an everything-you-need package to provide an easy-to-use, well structured, and secure Intranet.

What are the benefits of an Intranet?

We have worked with many organisations to help them understand the vast amounts of information they have at their disposal. The next step is to make sure that this information is accessible, secure, and well managed.

A significant part of this journey is to introduce optimal ways to manage corporate information and communication, ensure it’s relevant to the people viewing it, and provide ways for them to engage with both it and each other.

This is where our Intranet-in-a-Box comes into its own! First, let’s explore what benefits a good Intranet can bring to your organisation.

Improve communication

A common misconception is that Intranets are all about telling your staff what’s going on. We’d like to dispel that myth by highlighting that modern intranets should enable, and encourage, full collaboration as well as one-way communication.

The result is improved productivity with more efficient operational processes, fewer emails and chat messages, and everyone knowing what’s going on across the company as well as their local teams.

Everyone should feel part of the company, the team, the family – wherever they are. Your Intranet can really help with this by connecting people across teams, office locations, and even time-zones.

With modern hybrid working, an Intranet can help people engage with their colleagues and share knowledge across your company. From on-boarding new starters to enthusing old-hands, your Intranet will become your central hub where everyone converges, learns, and shares.

The feeling of being part of something bigger is important, so let’s help with that.

Find relevant information more easily

Far from being a standalone tool with a load of files stored in one place and communications from the top, your Intranet will seamlessly link to what individuals and teams are doing elsewhere across the business and surface this information for colleagues to benefit from.

Whether this is documents local teams are working on, departmental communications, corporate updates, or automated organisation charts and staff bio’s, you’ll find it all in one place.

Promote what’s important

With your new Intranet hub, all those things that are so important to your company can come to life. Your brand, vision, values, and culture will shine through to everyone in the company.

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What does it include?

A good Intranet is so much more than a single solution which is created and occasionally fed with updated information. It is a suite of tools which work seamlessly together and automatically highlight what’s important to each individual. With this in mind, here’s what you get with our Intranet-in-a-Box package:

The Core Intranet

The baseline Intranet solution contains all of the following:

We will also work with you to understand any other requirements you may have to see what we can do to include them in the core solution. This can often be done without impacting timescales or costs.

An accessible suite of products

With modern ways of working seeing much more flexible requirements for accessing corporate information, our Intranet-in-a-Box is designed to work on any platform. Whether you’re viewing it on a PC, tablet, or mobile, you’ll have a great experience. And when you add new content, it will automatically render itself in the best way possible for the device being used – no need for you to plan how people will be accessing your content.

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