Navigate the cyber threat landscape with confidence in 2024

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The cyber landscape is constantly changing, with new threats emerging daily. Although it can feel overwhelming, protecting your business doesn’t have to be a complex journey.

In collaboration with global cybersecurity experts, Numata hosted a panel discussion on building a resilient cybersecurity foundation.

Watch the full discussion today and stay one step ahead in cybersecurity.

Download the EMEA Cybersecurity Report

In an age where digital threats loom larger by the day, small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often caught in the crossfire, navigating a complex cybersecurity landscape with limited resources. The 2024 EMEA Cybersecurity Report by Numata is here to change that narrative.

Numata is committed to providing SME decision-makers across the EMEA region with a comprehensive and understandable guide to the current cybersecurity environment. Our 2024 report sheds light on the sectors most at risk, common types of cyber incidents, and the pivotal link between your IT and cybersecurity strategies—all through a lens focused on the unique needs of SMEs.

What’s Inside?

  • Targeted Insights: Learn which sectors are most vulnerable to cyber threats and why, allowing you to better allocate your defensive resources.
  • Incident Breakdowns: Understand the prevalent cyber incidents that SMEs like yours face, and identify effective preventive measures.
  • Strategic Alignment: Discover how syncing your IT and cybersecurity strategies can fortify your business against digital dangers.
  • Tailored Resilience: Compare cyber resilience tactics for large corporations versus SMEs, and adapt enterprise-level strategies to fit your context.
  • Future Predictions: Gain expert insights into potential 2024 cybersecurity trends and prepare your SME for upcoming challenges.

Our vendor-agnostic approach ensures that the focus remains firmly on educating and empowering your business. By analysing real-world data and trends from 2023, and incorporating advice from top cybersecurity professionals, we offer a balanced and impartial perspective aimed at improving your cybersecurity posture.

Our report is crafted with an SMEs needs in mind, offering clear, actionable guidance to help you understand and tackle cyber risks head-on.

Take the first step towards transforming your cybersecurity approach. Download Numata’s EMEA Cybersecurity Report for 2024 today and equip your SME with the knowledge to confidently face the digital future.

Jakobus Koorts Numata CEO

Jakobus Koorts
Numata | Chief Executive Officer


Wilmore Chininga
Island Networks | Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Consultant

Jason Scanlon 2

Jason Scanlon
Numata | Chief Information Security Officer

Wojtek Wierzycki

Wojtek Wierzycki
Sygnia | Head of Systems and Development

Matthew Visser 2

Matthew Visser
Moore Infinity | Director

Manuel Corregedor2

Manuel Corregedor
Telspace Africa | Chief Executive Officer

Loehr Headshot 2023 2

Chris Loehr
Solis | CTO and Executive Vice President

John 2

John O Mahony
Kaseya | Cybersecurity Solutions Specialist

Paul Delahunty edited

Paul Delahunty
Stryve | Chief Security Officer