Disaster Recovery as
a Service

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At Numata, we are devoted to securing your business continuity with our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – a smarter, cost-effective solution that goes beyond traditional approaches. Our commitment is to protect your operations from the unexpected, offering a safeguard against costly downtime and ensuring your peace of mind.

Why choose Numata’s Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Constant monitoring for peace of mind

Our DRaaS is backed by 24/7/365 monitoring, ensuring that your disaster recovery systems are always under watch. This proactive approach allows us to promptly identify and resolve potential issues, minimising the risk of downtime and safeguarding the integrity of your recovery systems.

Secure data centres tailored to your needs

We provide the flexibility to choose the region that aligns with your business requirements. Your disaster recovery data is stored in our secure, strategically located data centres. This ensures the security, reliability, and availability of your data, regardless of your business’s geographical location.

Access to global private cloud

Benefit from our global private cloud, seamlessly integrated into your pricing. With partnerships in 30 data centres across 17 countries and four continents, Numata’s DRaaS offers a seamless and cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

Commitment to excellence

Our partner data centres undergo a rigorous due-diligence process, considering factors such as physical security, certification levels, location, scalability, reliability, security, and financial stability. All our partnered data centres hold ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, with additional certifications available based on your chosen data centre.

Smarter disaster recovery with Numata

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Disaster recovery that fits your business

A shield against ransomware

We store your backups in our secure, private cloud, far from the clutches of ransomware. This strategy maintains your options for recovery, putting you in control.

Numata’s Disaster Recovery as a Service is your comprehensive solution for robust and cost-effective disaster recovery, tailored specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and fortify your business against potential downtime with a globally trusted IT partner.