Numata Drives Headspring’s Global Digital Transformation

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Executive Development specialist, Headspring, needed an IT solution that would support its future-forward, collaborative approach to business. Numata Business IT, Managed IT Service Provider, was quick to deploy an elegant, centralised communication and shared-working space platform. Despite a globally dispersed team, Headspring enjoys dynamic team meetings and increased productivity on a system that epitomises their business goals.

Headspring Executive Development appointed Numata Business IT as the Managed IT Service Provider, provisioning to a fully outsourced IT department, delivery service desk, Network Operations Centre (NOC), cybersecurity, IT strategy and advisory services.


Microsoft Teams and SharePoint has not only been critical in opening up channels of communication but also added an additional valuable tool to aid in the delivery of programmes that meet the needs of client requirements. Partnering with Microsoft and Numata during the Covid-19 lockdown has been invaluable given the expansion and updates delivered across communication platforms.

Colwyn Clarke
Operations Manager Headspring

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About Headspring Executive Development

Headspring is a joint venture between the Financial Times and IE Business School established in 2015, with offices in London and Madrid. The organisation is founded on the principle that executive development needs to be collaborative, relevant and measurable. Headspring’s purpose is to empower people and transform businesses through a new and relevant approach to executive development fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

The expertise of the Financial Times

The highly influential FT journalists that contribute to Headspring’s learning initiatives offer a unique perspective on the events that shape the world of business. With unrivalled access to the world’s most influential decision makers, FT journalists identify breakthroughs before they become trends and understand the small details of policy that can make or break a business.

The Challenge

To support the organisation’s strategy to drive digital transformation, Numata assessed several existing platforms and applications within the business. The aim was to ascertain if the systems were strategically aligned to the short- and long term business goals. Thus, Numata would confirm whether these systems are fit-for-purpose to support the overall vision of digital transformation across the global business.

The business requirements were clear. Headspring required a consolidated solution that would help the organisation to promote collaboration, manage projects across multiple global departments, and to allow for continued integration with existing critical applications. The solution had to provide a secure, GDPRcompliant, digital document storage facility

The learning innovation of IE Business School

From inception, IE Business School has aimed to disrupt. A triple-accredited institution, IE offers the world’s number one distance online MBA (QS, 2017) and the 3rd ranked non-US MBA in the world (Forbes, 2017). Through technological immersion and a culture of innovation, IE brings an entrepreneurial mindset that gives Headspring’s programmes a sharper edge and sustainable impact.

The Solution

Having assessed the business requirements carefully, Numata presented the client with a turnkey solution that addressed each particular need. The solution was built entirely on the Microsoft Office 365 platform, utilising tools such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

The tailored platform transformative design modernised the workplace, unleashing boundless creativity through new empowerment and working models.

The newly designed platform provided the organisation with:

Providing the business with access to cloud-based digital services created new ways for Headspring to:

The Result

The transformation allowed the business to work bilaterally across departments with enhanced uniformity. It provided the flexibility to collaborate with external partners while controlling the data within Microsoft SharePoint. This, in turn, saved time and reduced the complexities around managing various versions of documents going back and forth.

Headspring is now able to collaborate with internal and external partners in a streamlined and centrally managed way. Overall workforce productivity has improved with everyone working on one consolidated platform.

Numata believes that every business is a Digital Business, and the importance of technology as a driver of business value has never been greater.

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About Numata Business IT

Numata is a leading global business technology services and solutions provider for SMEs, with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

As Business Technology Strategists for SMEs, we are passionate about business and technology, and even more so when we align innovative technology solutions and services that enable businesses to thrive. That’s why we started Numata in 2004: to provide small to medium-sized businesses with access to enterprise-grade IT designed to solve their business problems, manage their technology risks, and ensure their employees are supported, protected, and productive wherever they are.

From seamless switching processes to endless support and cost savings, our mission is to help your business become more scalable, agile, secure, and competitive.