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Imagine the impact of losing a day’s worth of data. It might be manageable, but what about losing a week’s worth? A year’s worth? With inadequate or infrequent backup solutions, you could see unbelievable amounts of data disappear in a heartbeat, jeopardiszing your ability to continue operating.

Managed Backup Services from Numata ensure that is something you'll never have to worry about. First, we assess your data and what type of plan you need. Then, we configure and deploy a disk-based backup solution so all your files are automatically duplicated to a safe location, sometimes as frequently as every 15 minutes depending on your plan.

With centralised management and monitoring by our NOC team, you can rest easy knowing that data is being handled by experts. Best of all, this service usually costs less than your monthly phone bill.

The benefits of subscribing to our Managed Backup Services programme:

  • Low cost of ownership - A fully managed data backup and restoration solution for the same or less than the hardware and software needed to manage it yourself
  • Safer business information - Because the solution creates backups of file versions, you will even be able to recover old revisions
  • Business continuity - Backing up critical business applications ensures that you have the ability to restore systems if disaster occurs
  • Increased productivity and decreased downtime - With our rapid restoration capabilities, we minimise the costs associated with lost productivity and downtime
  • Detailed reporting - Our team provides daily, weekly or monthly reports to increase visibility into your backup solutions

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