Managed Procurement Services

Align your budget and your purchasing needs

Get the equipment you want without sacrificing on costs

With Managed Procurement Services, Numata acts as a trusted procurement advisor, ensuring that you make the right technology investments. We’re far more than just a price checker; our programme grants your procurement procedures flexibility that you probably didn’t know existed.

Need some high-end hardware but don’t think you can afford it? If our preferential pricing doesn’t do it for you, our rental plans make procurement much cheaper and allow you to convert capital expenditures into operational expenditure -- offering even more savings through increased tax write-offs.

The benefits of subscribing to our Managed Procurement Services programme:

  • Cost savings through our fixed margin policy
  • Lifecycle management, including warranty expiration and managed refresh cycles
  • Standardisation of hardware infrastructure
  • Uniform procurement plans
  • Rental or outright purchase options
  • Expert advice and guidance

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