Managed Security Services

Protection from ransomware, viruses, phishing and more

Stop prioritising one threat over another

Numata’s Managed Security Services provide all the skilled IT resources, domain expertise, centralised monitoring and management facilities, and proactive maintenance you need to protect your entire IT infrastructure. There are countless attack vectors to be on the lookout for, and without enough resources something is bound to get through.

We see it all the time: An in-house IT team focuses on one threat and turns its back on another. The fully-staffed Numata team provides end-to-end monitoring and management of your antivirus, internet gateways and security devices so you never need to worry about potential vulnerabilities.

The effects of malware can last for years, and skimping on cyber security technology should never be an option. Investing in better protection today means savings in the future.

The benefits of subscribing to our Managed Security Services programme:

  • A fully managed solution for the same price as your antivirus software - Partnering with us means the best software, handled by the best technicians
  • Protection for your critical assets and information - Incorporating our 24/7 monitoring adds a layer of security to prevent malware, targeted attacks and Internet threats
  • More flexible security - Our advanced security team can scale its services to companies and networks of any size
  • Comprehensive reporting - We provide monthly reports on the threats you are facing and how we’re keeping you safe
  • Total peace of mind - Rest assured that your servers, PCs and laptops are protected 24/7 by a group of dedicated experts

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